Auto Unenroll from Unattended Sessions

  • 24 January 2023
  • 2 replies

Is there an option to unenroll users from a Session if they did not attend?  We continue to have issues where users were not able to attend the original session they enrolled in and it is a time consuming process to have to instruct them how to change or unenroll / re-enroll into a new session.

2 replies

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Not to my knowledge...perhaps once Docebo launches the enrolment archive feature this may provide us with some new options for sessions.

If you track them as “not present” are they not able to register themselves in a new session?

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Can confirm there is not a built in way currently. We do a nightly API process that unenrolls and then notifies the user with a deep link to sign up for anew session if they want to. Not the best, but works (but custom.) Agree with the above, hopefully some improvements here soon.