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Batch Update Users' Enrollment Status to Complete

  • 21 August 2023
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Hey all,

We need to update the enrollment status for a good portion of people assigned to an old compliance course in our platform. 

When we switched from an old platform to Docebo we brought over the titles & enrollments of previous courses for record-keeping purposes. However, the contractors who did this work for us neglected to update the enrollment status for some people in one of the courses (like thousands of people) so they’re showing “Not Started” when they should be “Complete.” It’s too many people to update manually. 

Is there a way to batch update the enrollment status for the people enrolled who completed the course (and preferably the completion date as well since it’s from a previous year)?

I did see this article about using an API but I was hoping for a more simple solution that I could manage without an API.



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you can do it manually but that only be done on a course by course mass updated.

The API will be you're best bet to get this done in a single operation as you cannot upload the completion status via admin front end on Docebo.


Is there a possibility Docebo will add functionality to do this via CSV rather than API? We have a large population of people who take courses in group settings, and manually changing enrollment status for hundreds of associates is almost impossible with a lean team. Unfortunately, our LMS team does not have IT support to manage APIs, nor do we personally have the technical accumen to run APIs ourselves.

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@nmkb449  So I wrote a Quick Grabs article on this that helps you use the API without needing to know the API, you might be interested:

Also, shameless plug, but I just released a new enrollment management tool  over at Fark.Tools which does exactly this and more, just upload a CSV and select a few options :)


@Bfarkas thank you so much! This is great and so helpful.