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Best practice for merging two user accounts with separate learning histories

  • 17 November 2023
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Hi all,

One of our partners has created two accounts for the same user and now we need to merge those two accounts into one. If one of the accounts had no learning history, I would just delete the surplus account, but in this case both accounts have history. I assume I have to use the merge user function to merge the two accounts in this situation, but I’d be grateful for any advice on the best way to do this. For example, should I be merging the one with the least activity into the one with the most activity?



Best answer by Cheney 17 November 2023, 09:29

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5 replies

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Hey there, indeed you are on the right track with the merging and deleting of the duplicate user. 
It won't matter which has more/least history as it will take the history for both accounts when you merge and move it over to the desitination user. 

Important to note is the user you want the history to land on, so start with the one you don't want to keep and merge to the one you want history to end as the destination. In our case when we have had to do this it was important to have the destination as the user provisioned automatically by HR system and then we deleted the duplicate one. 

Hope this helps 

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The merge process will show you all the courses that will be moved with a green can move courses with all statuses so the user can continue with any courses that are still in progress. One note to make is that this process does not deactivate the ‘source’ user so you will need to do that after you merge the data.

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Thanks @Cheney & @lrnlab 

Everything worked perfectly!

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Hi @Daniel 

In addition to what the others mentioned, remember that during the merge, learning plans are not transferred to the final user. The merge is only for courses.

So let’s imagine that you have one LP with course A , B and C. During the merge, you will transfer course A , B and C but the LP will not appear. 

It’s important that before doing the merge you check if the first user has an LP associated and note it down so once you finalize the merge of accounts you enroll the user to the LP afterwards.



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Hi @Rosalie 

Many thanks for the advice! Luckily the user didn’t have any learning plans associated with their account this time, but that’s a really important point that I will take into consideration for any future merges.