Best Practices for users not assigned to a session

  • 20 October 2022
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Hi there!

Any advice on what to do with users who are enrolled in an ILT but not attached to a session? We have a mix of statuses for these users --- enrolled, in progress, completed, or suspended (if they’ve been deactivated). What have others done for the users sitting in courses not assigned to a session? I tried to unenroll them, but that does not work. 


Should they just sit there? Does it affect reporting? Should I enroll them in a past session/event? 

1 reply

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I guess my first question is, how are they being enrolled in the course?

For instance, we enroll the users into most of the ILT courses and then they are to find sessions and enroll on their own. In this setup, knowing who hasn’t enrolled in anything is a useful statistic for pushing folks through and sending reminders to register.

If you are doing self-enrollments, I suppose it is just added cruft to the enrollments, but I don’t see how it would cause any issues. For reporting, what kind of reports are you looking to run?