Branches previously did not see pricing, are now seeing pricing for Learning Plans starting Friday.

  • 13 December 2021
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We have reached out to Docebo’s Support staff but wanted to touch base with the community and see if anyone else is encountering this issue. We currently use the Subscriptions (Licenses) bundles to provide users access to our Learning Plans free of charge (or they can purchase a la carte) as of Thursday last week users were seeing the correct pricing for licenses in which they owned.

As of Friday we started to receive reports of pricing appearing despite the license provided including the Learning Plans. We have checked the subscriptions, transactions, tried manually renewing transactions, un-assigning and reassigning seats, removing a user from a branch and re-adding them to the branch. Pretty much every step we could think of down to I’ve even turned off pricing and then turned it back on for the Learning Plans, changed the visibility of the catalogs the LP’s are included in, etc.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues or found any form of workaround to a situation similar to this?

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I have been experiencing this as well! I thought I set up a configuration incorrectly. I sent a note off to the help Desk this morning.

There was a subtle change in the course management settings.

We definitely need to keep in touch on this!