Branded Mobile App: Build number increment

  • 10 September 2021
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We are trying to upload a second build of the branded mobile app to the iOS store. When I generated the new build (which had a different platform URL than the first build) the build number did not increment. Apple will not accept a build with the same build number and version number. 

 The instruction's from support say to edit the build number in Xcode. Our developers say you cant use Xcode to modify the IPA. They say you have to ‘hack’ the IPA to change the build and version number and are surprised that Docebo recommends this way. 

Has anyone else encountered this problem and have a solution to share?


3 replies

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@nichole.chandler Thanks for the question. I would like to confirm that you have a second token for the new App build? Each App requires one token. Additional tokens can be purchased through your Account Manager. For the build question, each build needs to have a specific number in the Xcode as per Apple App policy. We would not consider this a hack, but once the branded Mobile App is downloaded and configured for your company App store we are not tracking those build numbers as they a specific to each client to their own App store.

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@colin.schott Thank you for that info. That is very helpful! Is that written somewhere in a knowledge base article? -- referring to the information about having to request a new token each time you generate a build. I assumed you didnt need to do this because the first time I began the process it wouldn't even let me in without having a token.

What about in the case of updating an existing app in the google play store? The existing build number is much higher than the one the Docebo publisher generates. We wanted to have users just update the app rather than delete the old one and find a new one. The Play store rejects our build because it thinks that it is a previous version because the build number is smaller

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@nichole.chandler  I was not clear from your original post if you were building a new app or rebuilding an existing app. For a new app build you would need another token. For an existing app rebuild that would not apply. The Docebo publisher will typically always have a lower number than the your existing app. Unfortunately we are not able to change this currently. So you would need to change the build number from the Docebo package. Basically the build process allows the client to get a current copy of the apps code, then change the look and feel of the app and reside on the clients Google Play store.