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Bugs Consistently Across the Platform?

  • 19 October 2022
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Hi all, we are a new customer onboarding to the Docebo LMS currently. Looking forward to hearing from the wisdom of the group. We’ve been experiencing many, many bugs while standing up the platform. For example, “Upload Course” button stops responding when updating a version of a SCORM course from the CLOR, buttons stop responding and deleting widgets will not work suddenly when building widget pages, the grey lightbox/background pops up when in enrollments but no other navigation does/completely missing, etc., etc., etc. Generally the only fix to this is to restart our computer. Clearing cache, log in/out, etc., doesn’t work. We use Chrome as standard on Macs. 

Is this the norm that others are experiencing? It’s really worrying me if this is the experience just from the admin side...what will the Learner/User experience be like.


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Definitely not normal behaviour...have you contacted support to see if they can help?

Good to know. I’ve been finding other community posts related to bugs, which was making me wonder if this is more the norm than the exception and what a community pulse check may uncover. Can definitely escalate. Thanks!

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While I cannot say our experience is always “bug free’ it certainly is not the norm. The platform generally runs very well and better than many other LMSs I’ve used in the past. Have you also checked the platform requirements against your browser/IT settings? There may be other spots to check.

Great question! And yes, looked good from that perspective, internally anyways….that is until we have to worry about external users, ha! Thanks for mentioning tho!

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external users will always be a challenge...depends on whether you offer them support or just provide the system requirements...Chrome is usually pretty stable and is auto-updated on most platforms.