Can I "Prevent" a User From Renewing a Certification Until Approved?

  • 20 May 2021
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Background Info: We currently offer a TEAM Essentials & Advanced certification that external trainers pay to complete, so they can teach this curriculum at various sites. We currently have an eLearning course the trainers must complete in order to renew their certifications with an attached 2 year renewal certification (allowing them to retake the same course). We are not concerned with maintaining completion history and the payment is handled outside of Docebo. 

Current Issue: We want to “prevent” these external trainers from renewing their certification until they have paid us (outside of Docebo). We do NOT want for them to be able to renew the certification before this occurs. Honestly, I feel like I need to delete the certification to prevent them from retaking the certification before payment. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Ideas? 

We also want to make sure they are locked out of Docebo if they have an expired certification. To tackle this, we are manually updating their user account > expiration date to their certification expiration date and checking for expirations via a report. I can’t think of a way to have the system update their expiration date as their certification expiration date automatically. Can you?

Ask: What does your company do with certifications that require an approval before renewal? Do you avoid using the certification feature? 

Thanks for the help!

1 reply

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I haven’t come across your use case personally, so you’d have to test my suggestion before implementing… I think you could add a final step in the certification course that requires a human to approve. This could be an observation checklist or an assignment. In either case, if you set that learning object as the completion step, the certification can not be issued or renewed until that step is completed.

Given your post was 6 months ago, I’m curious to know what you came up with...