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Can you manage group condition by a null value?

  • 2 December 2022
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Hello! My platform pulls in user data from our HR system, which we use to automate group assignment.

Is it possible to create group conditions based on null, blank, or empty values? By default, the system doesn’t allow it, but if wonder if there is a sneaky workaround for this.


Our contractors are entered into our system with null values. If I can create conditions based on null values than I could create groups to separate contractors and everyone else.

  • Assign to contractor group if X field is equal to null.
  • Assign to everyone else group if X field is not equal to null.

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6 replies

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There is no such option yet, sadly

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That accurately sums up my feelings. Haha! Thanks for confirming.

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Might want to support this idea for it:


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My hope is we can help these folks prioritize some of these into 2023.

Null not null (blank not blank) is a very important logic.

We need to have the ability to Exclude users from groups based on a set of conditions such as job title, first name, last name, email address, etc. to exclude test accounts or admin accounts from training assignments and reports.  

Group conditions should also include such options as whether a user is active between specific dates.

It’s a pain to assign to all users, then have to go back and hand pick out the dummy accounts


Please release this feature ASAP, it will contribute to every single one of your clients :)