Certification Requirements and Certifications & Retraining Functionality Question

  • 6 October 2021
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We have an annual re-certification for our employees that includes a combination of courses and learning plans in Docebo and external training.  Some of these activities are mandatory but the employee is also allowed to attend any combination of other approved courses external to the Learning Portal. Their activities each year must add up to a total of 6 hours.

We are trying to figure out how to best manage this in Docebo.  I keep going back to Certifications & Retraining but I don’t think that will work? Anyone else have a similar use case?  Suggestions? Ideas?


5 replies

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HI @Caryn sounds like you’re trying to track professional development training requirements..?? As it stands today, only the Certification app can provide a way to ‘renew’ training on a regular basis...that said, it is not really developed to track training hours or allow for anything more that what courses/LP are identified as meeting that requirement.

You might want to look at using the field called “Credit (CEUs)” to track the number of hours a course grants and then adding these courses to a learning plan. The LP also allows you to set a # of courses required to be completed in order for the LP to be marked as done (basically they don't need to complete all content in the LP to be considered as done). 

Note that the # of credits does NOT appear anywhere to the user so you might want to leverage the course “additional fields” to display this info to the user; or just add this to the description...Problem here is users would need to track these hours manually as the LP has no concept of tracking hours (or credits). 

I believe you can output the credits total in reports but i haven’t tried it yet so it may be challenging for your learners to know if they have indeed completed their annual requirement.

This is definitely an area that needs work.

@Irnlab thank you for responding!  I did not know that about Learning Plans.  Sounds like if Learning Plans recognized total hours/credits for completion my problem would be solved.  I think this gets me closer, although to your point, not all the way there.

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@Caryn yes you can add a “credits” value to LP’s...maybe that would help?


Thanks @Irnlab! I am going to dig in, work through it and will let you know how it goes.

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:wink: for sure...I’m sure you’ll find something you can use...