Channel content to LCOR

  • 6 December 2021
  • 4 replies

Can we push content/assets in a channel to the LCOR?

4 replies

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@shouck At this time the CLOR is used for housing training materials that will be used to compose a course. It is true that you can push training materials that are created within a course BACK to the central repository.

At this time though it is not possible to push an asset that lives in a channel to the central repository (clor). 

My suggestion would be to suggest this idea in the ideas portal located here. 

@shouck, @pmo We raised this in the Ideas Portal last year, as it seemed sensible to us that the “Central Repository” should be a central repository for all LMS content, not just course content. It got quite a few votes in the old Ideas Portal. Can’t find it in the new Ideas Portal, though. Am going to raise it again. 

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@pmo  Can you push content from the CLOR to a Channel? 

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@shouck @erm1104 There is an idea you might want to vote for related to CLOR content and channels.