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  • 13 September 2022
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How should I complete a course with a past date? Do I have to create a session?


We have new employees  who get a course assigned to them as part of a learning plan, sometimes they may join the company with the certificate already. We were advised to add these certificates via external activities and add the certification to give the correct expiry date. However the course assigned to the user as part of the learner remains outstanding. If I complete the course it triggers it as complete with todays date and gives the new expiry from today so today plus 3 years rather than say June plus 3 years. Is my only way around this to create a session in the past, assign user to session then complete the course? 



5 replies

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Once you set the enrollment to complete and save, you can then edit that enrollment and set it to a specific date. You can complete multiple enrollment date updates in the same way.

I have also tested trying to do this through the Docebo API explorer but that hasn’t gone well. I was just about to post a question about that when I saw yours.

We have done that but it creates the certificate with todays date, when editing the completion date to the correct date the certificate still shows as todays date so be mindful of that.

I see that there are 9 replies to your last post, however, I cannot access them so I apologies if your question has already been answered.


Once you modify the completion date, you must go to the Certificates area.    Click on “Issued Certificates” for the particular course.  Paste in the username of the user that you modified the completion date.  Check the box for the user, then in the “On Selected” drop-down box select “Delete all the issued certficates”.  Once the Certificate icon greys out, Check the user box again, then in the “On Selected” drop-down box select “Issue Certificate”  That will update the certificate with the new completion date.

I think it might be easier creating a session at least then the process is the same regardless of past or future events. For how often this happens I dont want a long winded work around. Thanks for your help though.

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Hi @gemmalittle, you could try the following process to insert the completion using the API. Important thing to note with this in your use case is that ideally you’d do this before enrolling the user in the course, so probably also before enrolling them in the LP.

The example is for eLearning type courses but I think it should work!