Complex SSO - people log into our SSO by redirect to their submember SSOs in our association

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This looks like it is going to be a running nightmare with Docebo, especially since we want (and paid for) a branded mobile app. 


Has anyone successfully logged in with such a scenario? E.g. Bobby works at Bob Smith Company. He logs in to his BSC SSO which redirects to my SSO, logs him in to our association internal website and he clicks a link to go to the LMS.


We’re told this will not work on mobile.


Has anyone rebuilt their SSO to get around such an issue?

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@lrodman - Good morning. I dont know if it is mentioned enough - but have you tried working with Docebo’s consulting services? I may not be using the right name for them? But there is a team that (at a cost) are available to work with you when it comes to seriously custom configurations that will work with teams during implementations as well as custom integrations.

Many Learning Systems have that custom side of services to them. So does Docebo. I was briefly introduced during the sale.

I think the only thing to keep in mind? Is they may guide you to work within the box. In other words, the tools that you can request with them are based on the current state product. Now just because you are playing with a passthrough SSO scenario? That doesn’t mean it is not doable...start there - and inquire...and the best of luck to ya with this one.




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Yeah, we are actually working with them (at great cost) but it seems like it may not be doable without a lot more costs for white-glove custom coding. TBD!