Course Management Filters and Select All Issue

  • 23 January 2023
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I’m going thru and cleaning up some enrollments for some of our product training for a specific population. We’re moving away from auto-enrollments and want to remove “not started” enrollments from users.


I can search for a specific course under course management, go to the enrollments tab, and filter by 1) “enrolled” status and 2) the group that contains the specific population. I then check the box at the top of the resulting list which displays the “Select All” link at the bottom. Upon clicking “Select All” it selects the total number of enrolled users, dropping the “group” filter criteria. See screenshot below. You can see the there are 3426 in my filter criteria, but when selecting all it selects 3484 records.



I was able to unenroll all courses with under 100 “enrolled” records, but have a handful with 1K-41K I can’t bulk unenroll using this method due to the filter issue.

I’ll proceed using the “Manage Enrollments via CSV” tool.


Just wondering if anyone else experienced this when using the “group” filter criteria under course management? Is this a potential bug?


3 replies

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hmmm, the filter + select all seems to work when not using the additional Groups filter however I get the same results when trying to only select those with status X + belonging to a group...Feels like a QA testing gap. I would suggest logging a ticket with support to get this resolved.

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@dave.cerrone Enrollment by learning plans is what gets me stuck when I need to unenroll learners from courses. There isn’t a good correlation between Course Management and Learning Plans to find those persons who didn’t start courses so that they can be removed from the Learning Plan.

I tried your approach and found that the Group option negated everyone in the initial selection. But the group I selected should have included everyone that was in that initial selection. So I agree something seems off.



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I submitted a ticket with support.