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Course Number of Actions vs. Number of Sessions

  • 27 September 2022
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I’ve been reading through the DKB, and can’t find a clear description. When running a learner report of course engagement, I see two metrics that I’d like a more accurate description for - 

  • Number of Actions
  • Number of Sessions

What is defined as an action? Is it any time the course is open regardless of training material? Is a session any time the open the course shell, or does session have a different definition? Thanks in advance! 

On a side note I loathe that this report exports training time in seconds. Given that we have to input things in a specific format, converting this number in our analytics tool is painful. 


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4 replies

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I was just asked the same from one of my PUs. I wish I had a clear answer for them. Following for the answer!

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Hi @captainzelda 

I’m not sure about the number of actions, but here is a summary of the answer I got from support about the number of sessions.

Sessions: The number of sessions refers to the amount of times a particular learner has entered a particular course and accessed its training materials. If the learner enters multiple courses, these will be counted as multiple sessions because each course is considered a separate entity. However, if a learner enters the same course multiple times, this will be counted as a single session.

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I’m also curious about the number of actions definition, so I just sent an inquiry to support.

Will post an update once I receive their answer!

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Hi @captainzelda and @kkovac 

I received a reply from support, so I can now give you the definition for both metrics.

I added a bit more information to the sessions definition I posted yesterday, so please see the updated version below 👇

Number of Actions

The Number of Actions metric is a numerical value of how many actions a user takes in a given course. An action can be defined as anything from beginning a course, to accessing a new learning object, etc. that would essentially make an API call related to that course.

Please note that this metric is a relatively older field in the reporting, and isn't utilized much as a presentational figure, but rather a data point for our internal systems with tracking, and is made available to the admin if they wish to include this figure. Since it's old and isn't updated generally at this time, there isn't much in regard to its expected behaviour, and documented discrepancies are hard to replicate as this feature isn't used primarily in admin reporting.

Number of Sessions

The Number of Sessions metric measures the number of browser sessions in which the user enters a course and accesses its training materials. If a user enters a single course and accesses multiple training materials, it is counted as one session. If they leave the course and come back, it is counted as two sessions. If they access the same course on different browsers, it is counted as two sessions. If they access two courses in one browser session it is counted as two sessions.