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Course Type-Additional Options

  • 13 January 2022
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We only have external users who are the primary end users.   We use eLearning course type to advertise courses and screen the audience to see how many people are interested and then if the count is high enough to develop the course.    Then we use ILT course type to create the actual LIVE course.    

The problem is we do have eLearning courses that use the same course type eLearning.   This creates a data governance=reporting problem.   Because if we need to audit or know how many true eLearning modules we have the list includes the “advertisement courses”.  

Does anyone use the platform similarly and have any suggestions on organization or is there an idea out there I can upvote to promote the addition of another course type from the list that we could use for this instance?  


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3 replies

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I don’t use the platform like that, but how about adding an additional filed on the course level with a drop-down to select if it’s an advertising or a “proper” course?


Then, if you add this to your reports, you should be able to filter out only the courses you are looking for.

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Yes, that would work.  We use that for other statistical information so we could use the for courses.  Thank you!!:wink:

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HI @lisa.schneer you can also use the course code to identify courses and that also works when searching for them (exa; adding to a catalogue, notifications, etc.)