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Courses not in the chosen branch showing up in course reports

  • 20 February 2022
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When ever I want to get an overview of all the courses in my branch using reports (I share Docebo with other teams in my company) I also get other courses showing up even though I have selected the branch at the top under filtering.

My suspicions are that it is courses not in a specific branch and just in the ‘parent’ branch. Is there a way to remove these or is the only way around this to make sure they are in a more specific branch?



Best answer by pmo 2 March 2022, 17:57

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You’re in the Courses Dashboard correct? 

When you select the branch you’re filtering for the user population - not the courses. So this will show you any courses the user has enrolled into. Is it possible that these users have enrolled into those courses or been enrolled into those courses?


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@pmo yes there could be some superadmin users who are enrolled in some of those other courses, thank you for clarifying that.