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Creating an Assignment "Survey"

We want to issue a “survey” to our users that requires a manual review before a manager assigns a Pass-Fail to the survey results. Is there a way to embed the survey training material type into an assignment? Or make a survey an assignment? We thought about issuing the survey questions on another platform and embedding it via iFrame, but the review process wouldn’t be ideal since our managers would review survey results off Docebo and then login to Pass/Fail users. 


Best answer by lrnlab 16 May 2023, 16:35

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sounds like you be better off using a Test. The question types would allow to include an ‘assignment’ type  question that needs to be evaluated before the entire test is marked as completed.

How can you enable a manual review of the test questions? Many of the test questions would be free text answers. 

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if you add a extended text answer or upload type questions you can evaluate them via the Reports tab on the course. See articles below

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@mgalvin May be, you can also explore the observation checklist.