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Creating New Users

  • 15 August 2023
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I need to create five new users. Is it necessary to enter actual Employee ID…




Best answer by lrnlab 15 August 2023, 17:43

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if you are a super admin you can bypass the required fields. Same if doing a CSV import

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@RGandy Any field that has a red asterisk is a mandatory field, so someone has made that designation.

Mandatory fields are configured under Users > Additional Fields … the field can be marked as “visible” (to the learner) or not, and mandatory or not. If you are a Super Admin, then you can make these changes.

If you have an integration with another application, or use SSO/SAML 2.0 authentication, then it gets a bit more complex in terms of whether that information is required. Looking at your screenshot, it does seem like this could be the case. I’d recommend discussing this with whomever configured the additional fields, or set up the integration.



How do I bypass or change these requirements?


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you can go the Additional Fields page under User Management and remove the option to make this/these fields required…

If you are a super admin, you can just fill in whatever fields you need and dont need to enter any required fields.



Huge Help. Thank you bunches!