CSV file upload to add users in a group

  • 11 October 2021
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Hi, everyone!

Does anyone know if there is a chance to upload the users to the group through the CSV file? 

Sometimes we need to make groups that can’t be done automatically. We have a list of users that need to be added and we assign users by hand. It takes too much time because sometimes it's hundreds of users, so we just want to add them through CSV.

I will be glad for any help that you can provide.


5 replies

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@Natalia not directly, but you can create an Additional Filed for your users’ profiles, use CSV to set a specific value for that filed for users who should be added to the group, and then create an automatic group with a condition related to that field’s value.

@alekwo thanks. I know about this opportunity but it won’t help me in this situation. I need to create a group to assign users to a specific course catalog, so they will take the courses in it. And the users can be different all the time. I receive from my colleagues the list of users in the Excel file that need to be assigned and they can be from different groups and brunches, so an automatic group doesn’t make it easier.

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@Natalia Another option (still a workaround, as Docebo doesn’t support it directly) would be to create a group based on an enrollment status for a specific course - then you can enroll people in that course using a CSV, and they will automatically be added to the group.

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HI @Natalia agree with comments easy way to do this…

I did find a bunch of ideas on this topic. If you search for “groups csv” you will see most are in the Initial Review stage so the more votes the better.

Hi, @lrnlab thanks for your help. I’ll look at other topics. The answers are helpful and we’ll use them in the future. But this one situation can’t be solved like that because the people are always different.