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  • 26 October 2021
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I am trying to create a report of weekly usage for a branch of users. I’ve created and scheduled the report but I can’t figure out how to make the dates work. Right now I have the completion date “is in the range” and I used 10/18-10/24. This isn’t going to work to automate and run weekly. I tried using the “is before” or “is after” settings and I don’t get the same data as when I use the “is in the range” filter. Any tips?

4 replies

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Hi Jess - Just following up to see if you were able to figure this out. My preliminary guess is that the reason the data doesn’t match is that “After X days ago” might not line up with the range you’re thinking. 

I just did a test and did the following: 

One report filtered by “In the range of 2/21/22 and 3/1/22”

Another report filtered by “After 8 days ago” 

They appear to have the same data. I was using a user report and using the creation data data as my starting point. 


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@JessBuchanan An option could be to simply set your schedule as a “weekly” report, and then train your recipients to sort the data in Excel so that the newest records are at the top/bottom of the report.



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Did you add the date column to the report so you could proof the data included easily? Seems like what @pmo said, want to be careful with ranges to make them the same.  I often have reports for this type of setup emailed to me as the base and then use another program/setup to filter the data to exactly what I want and set as like a data source for excel which refreshes on open or something similar. 

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@Bfarkas  I’m not certain that you were asking me, but yes, I do add the Date Enrolled (sometimes) and Date Completed (always) into my reports. I don’t set a date range anywhere in my filters, etc. The result is an “for all time” report, hence the need to sort the Excel/.csv file after you open it (or use some of the report sorting features to make it a bit no-brainer for whomever is receiving the report.)