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Custom Skills

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Does anyone know when Custom Skills are coming? Heard talk of it a while back. Really excited for that one.


Best answer by HawleyKane 21 July 2022, 23:19

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we NEED this!! 

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I am excited too!!  I posted an update to the July 2022: Sandbox Update and Release Preview earlier this week that the Custom Skills update, while currently in Sandbox, will not go live on all platforms until the August release.  I hate to be the one to break the news.  @KatieD and @BHDan  I am looking forward to hearing how you will use it!  If neither of you have a sandbox instance, I love to chat and I am happy to talk more about it with you 😀

We need this is as well and are eagerly awaiting. A bit disappointed that we have to wait now until August as we were informed it was July by our implementation rep.  In addition to creating custom skills, will we be able to modify or delete pre-existing skills in the system?  Some of them are quite awkwardly worded. For example when searching to tag a course we created with “cross-cultural communication”, I couldn’t find anything like that.  What did come up was “foreign language communication” or “foreign communication” or something like that.  As a global organization, the term “foreign” is a bit offensive to some of our staff so we had to skip tagging it with a more specific skill right now.

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Checking in. When is this coming?