Direct Access to Course After Self-Registration

  • 15 February 2022
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Is there a functionality that navigates a non-registered users to the course after they have successfully registered within Docebo?

Use Case:

  1. Non-registered user receives the Enrollment Course Link via email campaign, social media, etc.
  2. User selects the link, but is unable to access since they are not registered
  3. They select ‘Register’ and ‘Submit’ the form
  4. User is navigated to the course URL rather than the home page

Other learning platforms have this functionality and I believe it is how we setup the URL redirects but am unsure where to start.


Thank you!

2 replies

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HI @aangle you mention a course enrolment link so not sure if you are referring to the below or whether you are looking fro this option. If you turn this on, users can be automatically enrolled into the course by clicking the link. I haven't tried this with users that have no accounts so I would recommend a rigorous testing cycle to make sure it can work the way you like


Hi @lrnlab thanks so much for the feedback! Yes - we have enabled enrollment links and shared the link with users but this only directs users to the course if the user is already registered within Docebo :slight_frown: Those who are not registered must register then go back to the link which is not an ideal process