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Disabling the Next button on a course that has the e-signature as a next step

  • 14 January 2022
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Newbie here! I have a course that has two steps.

  1. The course itself
  2. E-signature step


The course has multiple slides and requires the click of the next button to navigate to the end of the course. 

There is also a NEXT button at the bottom of the course that takes you to the e-signature step. However it will prompt you to finish the course when you click on it. This is the issue, my learners are clicking this button thinking it will take them to the next slide.

Is there a way to disable the NEXT button until the learner finishes the course?


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Is the course itself a SCORM?  If you have the launch method set to lightbox, it will put those buttons at the bottom of the screen, so you can change the launch method of the SCORM to full screen, those buttons will go away.

If the material is a presentation converted using the slide converter, you might have to use some CSS to hide that button.  

Thank you so much! This helped.