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Long time lurker, first time poster :)  I’m a Docebo novice, and I’m having a Shape issue.  I’m trying to create a Shape using “Start from Storyboard,” but when I download the .csv (and open in Excel), I get this instead of the expected rows and columns with headers:


I don’t see anyone else asking, so I must be missing something basic, but I can’t figure it out. Any help appreciated!

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Hi @SilentE,

when you open a csv file all the text is in one column, if you want to divide it you should select the tab DATA and then select the button “Text to Columns”

Text to

Then in the options select “delimited” and press next 

at the end you should select the delimiters, CSV file could be delimited with comma or semicolon, as I can see in your screenshot you should select semicolon. Then you can click on next (if you want select the column format) and click on finish.


Now you should see all the text in delimited columns!

Thanks @eleonora.maggioni , I’m not sure that helps. This screenshot is from the download of the storyboard template, not something that I created. According to the release notes, I should see the below. I tried to create my own text and asset column but got an error message when I saved that as a .csv and tried to upload it. I have reached out to the help desk. :)