Does anyone have a short-code definition list for notifications?

  • 3 September 2022
  • 2 replies

We are building out all of our notifications from scratch and were hoping to find a list of notification short-code definitions so we don’t have to test each one to figure out what it does through trial and error. Bonus points for anyone willing to share their notification templates.  Thank you in advance for anyone willing to share this already created resource!

2 replies

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@JHill1- hi. I believe the folks that work on the help materials have begun to move away from having a comprehensive single document where available shortcodes are listed. There is one though - even though it probably has aged. I am attaching it here - but know that things are changing rapidly to improve this space.

I may be missing something though - you are suggesting you need short-code definitions...that I dont maybe this is not exactly what you need 🙄

Yes I’m seeking to understand what content is pulled into the course or what downstream behavior happens when utilizing the various short-codes.  Example:  Does it trigger an iCal invitation?