Due Dates for Course within Learning Plans

  • 16 June 2022
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Hello! I have a learning plan of multiple courses. The courses have the same due date that are all set within each course since there is no option for soft deadline within a learning plan. But because the learner is enrolled in the LP the due date doesn’t appear on the course thumbnail like it would if they were just enrolled in a course, and their manager doesn’t see the due date or the LP shown as past due in ‘My Team’. Has anyone experienced the same and have a workaround?

3 replies

Running into the same issue. Would love to see if this can get more visibility!

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We just came across the same issue. The settings of the learning plan seem to supersede the deadlines settings of the course. This limits our range of scenarios...

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@Sébastien Arbour You are correct. If the learner is enrolled in the course via a learning plan, the learning plan validity settings supersede the course validity settings. A learning plan with no validity dates set does not mean “nothing to see here, use the course settings”, it means enroll with no days of validity.

I recently had to remind myself that was what was happening on some of my learning plans.