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  • 24 August 2021
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I am enabling eCommerce for some upcoming vILT classes.

I have set up and it is working properly.

My question is about the expected behavior for an abandoned shopping cart. It seems that if someone abandons that they are either placed in In Progress status (if abandoned before confirm step) or Waitlist status (if abandoned after confirm step but before payment). I can see the value of knowing if users abandon their shopping carts but am concerned that this will create an extra admin task to keep the enrollments list straight.

Are my settings wrong? Any suggestions?


7 replies

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Hi @suzdewitt I believe this is standard behavior as most versions of an “incomplete” transaction are considered as pending enrollments. I agree that eCommerce needs several enhancements to make it a true eCommerce platform; including better notifications...There are “Pending Enrollment” notifications that can be activated however we haven't had great success at getting them to fire as expected.

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This is a problem for us as well.  Docebo places the student in a waiting status right away instead of cancelling the enrollment, which seems to be the root of the problem.  if the payment never completes, the student is left in that waiting status, and under some scenarios can’t put the course back in their cart while in that status.

Our current workaround is via a webhook and an API call using Integromat for the integration.  Because the student could make a second or third purchase attempt that is successful, we do not try to automatically cancel the initial enrollment since that would remove them from a course they paid for.  Instead, we have an automated workflow that does the following:

  1. Receives the webhook from the LMS when a credit card purchase is made
  2. Waits 15 minutes for a CC transaction reference number to be recorded in the ecommerce module (usually sufficient to know if it really fails)
  3. Checks the transaction status after a 15 minute wait.  If no CC transaction info was recorded, the Docebo ecommerce transaction is automatically marked as cancelled with a note that this was an automatic cancellation
  4. Generates an email to the LMS admin mailbox to check if the student needs to be disenrolled.  If there is not a subsequent “paid” transaction for the course, the LMS admin manually disenrolls the student.

I plan to offer a free webinar in Q4 on creating these types of automated workflows if there’s enough interest. 

@elamast I would definitely be interested in the webinar!


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I am also interested in a future webinar on automated workflows!  

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I realize I’m at risk of raising a zombie thread… but I have made a similar post in the “water cooler” section, but haven’t had responses confirming the issue.

Is this still happening for people?


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I realize I’m at risk of raising a zombie thread… but I have made a similar post in the “water cooler” section, but haven’t had responses confirming the issue.

Is this still happening for people?


Yes.  We continually have problems with students being waitlisted forever unless we manually disenroll them.  Our current solution is to catch a webhook on every purchase, wait 20 minutes to see if the CC transaction completes, and if not then we notify the LMS Admin to review the transaction.  We do not automatically disenroll them because it’s possible they tried the transaction again by hitting the back button and succeeded.  Often what happens is they try multiple times, fail each time, and give up--leaving themselves waitlisted.  What’s worse is that they appear “enrolled” (instead of “waitlisted)) in some places in the system.  It has never been solved.

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@elamast - Thank you for replying!  And thank you for letting us know we’re not alone in the wilderness!  :grin:

I’ve been wondering if this was some weird, unique problem affecting only us.  But that didn’t make a lot of sense based on the frequency of the problem (probably 5 or more a week) and the ease we’ve had in simulating it (just abandon a session with something in the cart).

Thank you also for sharing your mitigation efforts.  We’ve been circling the APIs, but don’t see a way to completely automate recovery from the locked state.  It sounds like you did the same, took it as far as you could, but are still at the point where the Docebo admin is on the hook for manual troubleshooting with each event.

We continue to pester Docebo support on this topic. :joy: I’ll share any discoveries we make on this thread.