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eCommerce and Internal Training

  • 19 November 2021
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My apologies if this has been asked already - I didn’t notice a thread for it - or maybe I didn’t use the right search terms.

Anyway… We would like to have courses for sale to external customers that need to be free for employees.

How are you all handling this?

I was thinking there should be a way to set different prices for different groups and perhaps I simply overlooked a checkbox right in front of me.

Are you giving coupons to them for full discount? Creating duplicates of the course with different prices and making them visible to different groups? Enrollment links?


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HI @gstager you might try using the Content partner app to give your internal users a 100% discount. Unfortunately, right now Docebo does not allow multiple prices on courses. Just coupons; nut not sure you would want to have your users have to go through the purchasing process each time they want to take a course (note: not sure if the Content Partner app will still push them thru this process if you grant a 100% discount - never tried that)


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@lrnlab - thanks for your feedback on this. I will see if this is something that will work for us.