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  • 4 August 2022
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Is there a notification I can use to notify users when an assigned course is about to surpass or is approaching the Expiration date? And is there a report to create and send to Managers when their employee’s course has expired by a certain amount of days? 

3 replies

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hi @dmontagna 

There is the ‘Learner has yet to complete a course’ notification under the ‘Courses’ category:


You can only set it for after the course, so you’d have to do some backward scheduling in your head to figure out how to set the date. For instance, if the course expires 60 days after enrollment & you want to give 10 days’ notice, you’d set it for 50 days after.

There’s also this option in the Custom Reports:

Hope this helps!

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Thx @NateC only issue with this template is it only works based on the enrolment date.

@dmontagna if you are using the course settings to set your “valid Unitl” dates, you can use the template called “Course has expired”. This one allows you to base the send times on the due date (active until date) and can be sent before and after the due date. We mostly use this one because it’s easier to configure and you can sent reminders at different times by just copying the same notification and changing the # ion days before or after the dye date you want the emails sent.

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Concur on this route, as long as you are ok with the course expiration dates, which it sounds like might be useful in your case anyways. Otherwise, I’ve done some custom work for folks before that leverages reports and their email system (middle ground was a mail merge) if the date varied by user or couldn’t be set at the course level.