Embed codes - Does Docebo offer embed codes?

  • 9 July 2021
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Let me rephrase my original question.
Can the videos uploaded to the LMS be shared with an embed code, link, or iframe? If yes, how do we access it? 

4 replies

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Hi @shouck I don't think so...when you upload a video like an mp4 file, it is stored on Docebo’s content servers to which we have no direct access. I believe you van see the file name after it uploaded and converted to a Docebo nomenclature however we cannot see the full URL so embedding this object is not possible with out that (as far as I know)...the only place where I’ve been able to see a full URL for an uploaded asset is within the notifications where you can see the full URL of a logo file that was uploaded...that said, I don't think assets are all stored in the same place...Might be a good question for you CXM…

Have you considered using Channels and perhaps linking out to those from within your other learning content? At least this would keep the user within the confines of the LMS...

Thanks @lrnlab 

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This would be a great feature. We use SharePoint a lot to create training articles and pages. It would be really handy to have content, like videos, loaded in Docebo and embedded on a SharePoint page, or Rise course. Would be a nice way to track.

Our SSO is synced with Office 365 and Docebo, so the systems could be seamless in terms of embedding content and authenticating automatically.

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Would love this. We’d put these on our intranet.