Enrolling Users in Different Sessions

  • 3 January 2023
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Hello, I’m new to Docebo. I have a 3-day ILT course. I’ve created the course, the session, and then the event. I scheduled an event for each day. I have specific people that I want to enroll on certain days for the course. I have only been able to enroll employees for all three days. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to do this?

3 replies

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Note that users enrol in a Session, not the individual events. You might need to create a course for each “event” setting it up as 1 session/event. You cannot do this in a single course as DOcebo will not allow a user to register for more than 1 session / course...this is a know gap, sadly.

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If there is no overlap in users to sessions, you could do it as 1 course with 3 sessions with 1 event each. In your current setup they’d all be in all the events, but you could set it to only complete one event completes the session so they get credit for attending one, but they’d need to know which event is there’s some other way unfortunately. 

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We set up a session for each date and have them enroll into the session that is needed.  If you only do 1 session with multiple events, they would be enrolled to all events. Easy to do as you can duplicate sessions and just change date of events.