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  • 10 February 2024
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Hi Everyone, 

I couldn’t find the answer in the help articles, so figured I would reach out to the community. 

Does anyone know if there is a way to find Error Logs for each instance the platform has an “Internal Server Error” or “Server Error” message that pops up?

These messages have been popping up a little more frequently lately and during our testing of different integrations like Zoom V3. 

It would be great to see if I could review logs whenever these messages pop up in our platform. We’ve been running into issues lately where users receive that message when attempting to access a vILT event. I’d love to be able to get a HAR file from employees, but our first priority is to get them into the training so they dont miss anything. 

Additionally, it would just be nice to see how often this happens and during what activities this occurs for. If there is an API that would provide, that would be great as well, although I didnt specifically see one.


Thank You all in advance! 


2 replies

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@Jason Kocur  I’m not sure that error logs have exposure to Admins...have you looked at the audit log? I’ve recently encountered more generic “internal server log” errors myself, and when I submitted a service ticket, the first thing they required of me was a .har file...I think this is there “error log” … If you aren’t familiar with how to create them, this is the URL they gave me. :

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@KMallette Thank you! I have definitely looked at the Audit Trail, but it lacks a lot of information that should be available. Unfortunately, the reason I asked is because I am being asked to provide a .HAR file, but my first goal is to help my learners access their ILT sessions. In most cases they are already late to their sessions by the time we are notified of an issue via our support tickets. Docebo Tech Support did indicate there is some sort of error log on their end, but it was not detailed enough to provide more information than an error occurred.