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Has anyone successfully used the external training app recently? Anyone feeling super helpful and want to test theirs?

I have successfully used it in the past to test, but now that I am ready to upload all of my data I cannot get it to work. The .csv appears to be formatted correctly. I can import the file and see all of the data on screen, but as soon as I click ‘Next’ everything disappears, never to return. 

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hi @nichole.chandler , i’ve seen another topic about this - in which you also replied:

It seems there might be a general issue with this. Although I haven’t tested it recently, perhaps it’s worth to just talk to Help Desk?

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For anyone else having problems the solution was to edit the date format. 

The date format for the external training app is not documented in the knowledge base but it is  mm/dd/yyyy. 

This differs for enrolling users into courses via .csv. 

That date format for enrolling into courses via .csv is documented in the knowledge base and is yyyy-mm-dd.