FAQ document with search function

  • 23 August 2023
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I would like to upload a FAQ document with an option to add a search functions, eg. you just type in a specific word and the document offers you all Q&A than contain that word. In our case it’s useful, because the Q&A are often cross-course. I was told in the help centre that this does not exist for the moment. What do you think to add this kind of feature?

4 replies

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If uploading a single document like a PDF - could you just instruct the users to make use of  CTRL-F?

Yes, of course we could do that, but I thought something more interactive, such as a button ‘search’ → type in the word and it brings you to the Q&A and the specific chapters. For example you are in a course and you have a question to a certain topic within this course, rather than asking the question to admin (because the questions are often the same, and we could save time), you could type your question in a specific ‘field’ and find your answer;  rather than AI, just a connected document with content. I am not very tech to know how exactly that could look like though ;-)

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we have done some thing where we have an HTML page displayed within an iFrame however to do this, you need an external server where you can house the HTML document. Not sure ion you have resources that could help you with that...

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If the feature was part of a Q&A forum (like tied to a D,C&S/regular channel) rather than a PDF, then I would say, yes it could be useful.