File Attachment - Without being a course?

  • 23 August 2022
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Whenever we have a new release of our products, we create a Product Release Bulletin in pdf. As we upgrade our customers, we provide this document so they can get an overview of what is included in the release.  

Looking for a good way to include the document in that Catalog or on a page somewhere that they can easily download the .pdf without having to enroll in a course? We do not have any external page, such as google drive, onedrive, etc where we could store them.

Just curious if anyone else has any ideas on this??


3 replies

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If you have Coach & Share, you could upload the pdfs to a channel(s) and display the channel on the appropriate page.

Otherwise, if you or someone on your team is html/css-savvy, you could use html-widgets to display text and images directly on a page.

We’ve also wanted to share pdfs and other documents via Docebo, but after a lot of experimentation with channels, file repositories, and training material options, we gave up. All documentation lives on our main website and we link over to it from Docebo.

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Yeah, I echo the above. Essentially, it ends up coming in handy having some sort of document server you can simply link to from within Docebo instead. 

Only other thing is I’ve made fake courses as this sort of thing, but it’s not perfect. 

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A very “creative” workaround I’ve used with some customers is to build a Product Release Bulletins eLearning course with a simple HTML training material in it that auto plays saying something like “refer to the File Repository Area” at the bottom of this course for all available bulletins. The course will auto complete based on that HTML page so it’s not left in progress on any My Courses widget. Then you can load files into the File Repository Area widget for the course including PDFs. You can even organize them into folders if you want.

It’s not perfect but does work if you don’t have Coach & Share in your platform. Coach & Share is definitely the way to go if you have it already or have the budget to add that feature to your platform.

Hope this helps!