Go Learn - IT push to devices

  • 17 March 2023
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Our IT groups in the regions want to configure any organizational device to get the go learn app. They can set up the download, but they are asking if we can get a configuration key. I don’t see anything in the documentation about this. I know that we can’t change the go learn app (we have the branded app as well), but is there not a value we can link to in order to prepopulate the URL for the users on the Microsoft admin side for Go Learn? 

If anyone has experience and knows the value for iOS and Android that would be very helpful. We have about 20k users and trying to remind them of the URL just seems painful.

Here is an example of our Saba configuration (which we are migrating away from) - 


2 replies

@captainzelda have you had any luck with this? I am doing the same.



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@mjrforay The feedback I got from Docebo support was that you can’t customize anything in the go.learn app, which is what would need to happen. If you use the branded app you should be able to control and push but not with the default app. This was a while back, so maybe something has changed?