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Help with setting up a Power User Profile

  • 24 March 2022
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Hi all,

I need to set up a Power User Profile that will grant Power Users the ability to enroll learners from a particular branch into courses from a particular category. I’ve assigned the power users individually to the branch and to the courses. However, I’m not sure which permissions I need to set in the profile to allow them to enroll users into the courses. Please could you let me know which permissions I need to set? 


Best answer by Neil Patterson 24 March 2022, 10:46

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2 replies

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Hi @Daniel,  Are they ILT or eLearning courses?  I spent ages trying to work out exactly what permissions PUs need in our use case.  This link may be helpful - it lists all the permissions for PUs.

I found it useful to open an InPrivate browser and then log in as a poweruser to test if the assigned permissions worked, whilst still being logged in as a SA in the normal browser.

Hope this helps?


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Hi @Neil Patterson Many thanks for the link! I’ve been busy with other things this week, but am going to give it a thorough read as soon as I get a chance.