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Has anyone found an effective way to use the virtual coach? I have worked to try and get it to return good results for my platform and it has returned some puzzling results. I tagged some courses on communication, public speaking and facilitation. When I looked up these terms using the VC, it returned a personal playlist that was locked to me, I tried again and it returned a course on a technical skill that had nothing to do with communication (I looked at the training materials and could not find the words I was searching within the tags or material anywhere. So I asked the coach why it returned this course and it said, “it is robot learning :)”

I then tried asking it specific questions on the company that I knew were on materials throughout the company, and it returned incorrect information (for example, was asking about “who is the manager of “insert store here”, and it would return an assistant manager) I know this is a minor issue, but it is wrong information and can cause distrust with the end user

I know this is a feature that the more you use it, the better it gets, but I have found the search to return something helpful about 20% of the time, and my fear is if I release it to my users, they will become annoyed with it before it ever becomes good.

So before I decide here I wanted to hear if anyone has found it useful, and if so, how?

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Curious to see what people bring to this thread, your experience seems to be the norm from what I’ve heard though.

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yup, the results are not great...hopefully with the new AI acquisition this might improve…??

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A few months ago, I evaluated this Virtual Coach features and ended up with “it’s not great to enable it for time being”.


PFB the few observations during our evaluation. Hope this helps to someone.

Language: VC supports only in Eng, French and Italian. Non-Eng speaking users cannot be able to utilize this feature in local languages (if your org. has Non. Eng speakers).

To do list: ILT, webinar, LP, certification, calendars, under maintenance, and past due courses are not supported by VC. If a user fails to finish the training within the deadlines and requests the in-progress list, the VC does not include the past due course count in his results.

Admin activities: VC does not support you as a Power User or system admin.

ILTs: VC does not support the ILT related features.

LP: VC shows you the count of LP you’ve enrolled. It does not take you to the requested LP.

Recommend Content: Mostly it does not recommend the content at first instance. You must have numerous conversations with VC to acquire the content you seek.


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yup, the results are not great...hopefully with the new AI acquisition this might improve…??

@lrnlab There is an AI acquisition, is there an article about that?