hlsjs-lite Network error

  • 9 February 2022
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I can’t seem to find this specific issue when searching the community, but we have had 3 unique users from 2 unique networks have errors accessing content with the site stating: hlsjs-lite Network error.


Has anyone encountered this error before? I originally assumed it was something on the user network end, but since we’re seeing it more commonly I am thinking it may be something else. 


It’s happening with some content, but not all. The one below is an mp4 video.



2 replies

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I tried to respond to this yesterday but I included a link to a site that I thought might offer some suggestions to help you. At least - I thought it was a fair place to start.

I got a message that it would be moderated but I still have not seen that post appear. My apologies.

Here is a screenshot of the page I was pointing to. Perhaps you can find it.

It offers several things to try. Hopefully - one of them may help.

I also read that trying to view using an http link vs an https link could cause that error as well.


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@gstager yes, you are correct, the link got caught in our spam filters. Here it is for @brandonq’s reference, Hopefully this helps!