How can a Power User get a custom report from a paid course not assigned as a resource?

  • 28 September 2022
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Hi Community,


Is there a workaround for Power Users to download Custom Reports from Courses that aren’t visible to them? These are paid courses, so they’re don’t have permission to enroll users in these courses, but they still would like to see their progress as the company paid for them. 


If I create a custom report as a Superadmin and make it available to the Power User, they get the report empty. 


Thanks for any suggestions!

Roberto Lopez

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You have to do access work arounds for this, I have done this either temporary giving the PU rights and then removing them, but in this case I would probably go the route of just delivering reports to them, just take the report you built and schedule it to email to the person, so they get the processed report already and no rights issues creep in.