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How can I link an ILT to a homepage

  • 19 March 2023
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We have a ILT that we want to link to on our users home page to allow them to enroll themselves. But the link is not working. It keeps pulling a link for a specific session. And isn’t working.. :( 


Any suggestions? 




Best answer by Rosalie 20 March 2023, 09:16

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3 replies

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Hi @sfrost 

If you activate the enrollment link in should work.

You can create it from here: Properties > Enrollment Options > Enrollment link


Put the enrollment link that appears wherever you need in your homepage. When the learners press the link they will be enrolled in the ILT. Note, however that learners should also need to enroll to a specific session.

I hope this helps.

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Agree with the above...if you want users to be able to choose a date, you need to link them to the course and not a specific session.

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Thank you that worked…