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How could I add a group or branch name to an attendance sheet?

  • 21 October 2022
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How could I add a group or branch name to a event attendance sheet? We had that capability with our old LMS. With Docebo, all I can think of is a workaround with a couple of additional fields that need nightly updates in a round trip through our data warehouse. 


Best answer by Bfarkas 21 October 2022, 20:19

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3 replies

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Hi @billso you would need to create a custom field on the user profile before you can add it to the sign in sheet. Those 2 fields are not available by default.

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Yeah, we ended up going API route and emailing a csv to the instructor morning of their event with all the fields we wanted, solid idea to write up though.

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@lrnlab, that’s a good idea for the printed attendance sheet. I should have been more specific in my OP. In our old LMS, my team would print out the attendance sheet as described in my post above from the web UI. havint the program listed on the attendance sheet was very helpful. 

@Bfarkas I agree that I should write this up as an idea. I’ll carve out some time this week to make that happen.