How do you set up Course Catalog?

  • 9 December 2022
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I am somewhat new to Docebo, but I am trying to figure out all the tricks and secrets regarding Docebo to make our page and back end as efficient as possible. It was brought to my attention that we don’t exactly use everything the way it was designed, so I am slowly changing our processes and procedures. I am curious to see how the community uses the Course Catalog and, more specifically, the categories tree or how you would set that up? I essentially want a department as the parent category and each catalog corresponding to that department as a sub-category. Any thoughts on the best way to set up/ organize this? I have seen on the Docebo help page below that they almost have what seems like sub-categories under a catalog on the second video example. We have close to 400 catalogs which might be an issue🤣

1 reply

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@Erik_Kreutzer10 - Good morning - You can support categories and subcategories, but - you may find that the navigation of the categories may not float everyone’s boat and a bit limiting.

It may be old fashioned to think like this, but you may want to kick off course catalog “page types” to help your users with navigating.

We use a master catalog, then a 1st node (where if a group has many subcategories, they can be supported), and a 2nd node level. The 2nd node level - depending on the team? There will be a single catalog or a few catalog widgets on the page.

It is not the most efficient, but I find it to be the most customizable.