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How do you tell which training material is uncategorized in the CLOR?

  • 19 January 2022
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So, I have the LinkedIn Learning catalog, and it allows people to curate their own content, which drops it in the CLOR.

I would like to have it categorized. The trouble is, I can’t tell which courses aren’t in a category.

Any ideas how to manage this?


Best answer by TrishAH 20 January 2022, 17:36

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3 replies

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While it is possible to click on a folder and see the content inside it, it isn’t possible to look at the long content in the CLOR list and tell which items are in a folder.

I asked the same question and was told to submit my request to the Ideas Portal, which I’m doing.

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Put a link to your idea portal entry here please.

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Here you go!