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How to effectively use the [items] [/items] in digest notifications

  • 12 November 2021
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I’m trying to create a notification for users to see which courses they have yet to complete. There are only five courses to complete. I would like it to have images of the courses and say either complete incomplete. I thought I might be able to do this with digest notifications 

Digest: Learner has yet to complete a course

However I’m currently stuck on what [items][/items] means in the notification. So I’m not getting very far.

Here is what Docebo have to say on the issue in the LIST OF NOTIFICATION EVENTS AND CONDITIONS

“When using shortcodes related to the elements belonging to the list of items reported in this notification, enclose them between [items] and [/items]. Other shortcodes can be left outside those tags. The [items] and [/items] tags define the list of courses or items that are automatically populated by the system and are already listed within the notification body - these shouldn't be amended when setting up the notification.”


Any ideas on how to do this or how to use the new digest notifications would be greatly appreciated.



Best answer by Adam Ballhaussen 18 November 2021, 01:57

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You can't have completed/not completed with the digest. It will only list incomplete courses. 

to add a list of not completed courses to the notification you put there



[course_name] - [course_link]


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Hi @Lucy.blake! I replied to your question on the 12 Notifications You Should Be Using guide and didn’t realize you had also posted your question separately. @alekwo is right: the Digest: Learner has yet to complete a course notification can only show courses that a learner hasn’t completed. It cannot show a full list of courses with the specific statuses for each course. I’ll share the same information I shared in my reply on the guide here for anyone else it might be able to help.



The [course_name] shortcode will always pull from the Course Name of the course as configured in Docebo Learn. 

You’re absolutely correct that in the case of these digest notifications, there could be any number of specific [course_name] shortcodes, depending on how you configure the notification. This is where the [items] and [/items] tags come into play. You can think of these tags as containers that allow the configured copy of your notification to repeat for the number of times that’s relevant for that specific notification. 

Let’s walk through an example to help visualize how all of theses components work together.



I’d like to create a Digest: User enrolled into a course email notification that applies to All Branches & Groups and includes these 3 courses:

  • Alpha Course
  • Beta Course
  • Charlie Course

I’d like this digest notification to send to all Power Users with a specific profile weekly on Mondays at 8am. 



  1. Navigate to ⚙️Admin Menu > Notifications > Manage > New Notification
  2. Select Digest: User enrolled into a course under the Courses event section
  3. Add a Code
  4. Select Email checkbox
  5. Navigate to Email
  6. Enter From (name) and From (email)
  7. Select English (Default language)
  8. Edit the Subject
  9. Edit the Description
    1. This is where you’ll want to configure the message that will appear per relevant course between the [items] and [/items] tag (see below)
Preview of notification description​​​​​​


Note: the [course_name] on [subscribed_at]. This course expires on [expire_at]. copy will repeat for every relevant item in the notification

  1. Select Next Module
  2. Schedule notification to send Every Week on Monday at 08:00, then select Next Module
  3. Select to apply the notification to All Branches and groups
  4. Select to target the Power Users role and select the appropriate profile
  5. Select to apply the notification to Select Courses and select:
    1. Alpha Course
    2. Beta Course
    3. Charlie Course
  6. Select Save and Activate



Now that you’ve configured these settings, here’s the resulting behavior for two different learners:


Learner A

  • Learner A enrolls in Alpha Course on 11/17/2021 and enrolls in Beta Course on 11/18/2021
  • A single Digest: User enrolled into a course notification will send to all Power Users with the associated profile on Monday, 11/22/2021 at 8am including the following information:

Learner A has been enrolled in the following courses:

Alpha Course on 11/17/2021. This course expires on 12/17/2021.

Beta Course on 11/18/2021. This course expires on 12/18/2021.


Learner B

  • Learner B enrolls in Alpha Course on 11/17/2021, enrolls in Beta Course on 11/18/2021, and enrolls in Charlie Course on 11/19/2021
  • A single Digest: User enrolled into a course notification will send to all Power Users with the associated profile on Monday, 11/22/2021 at 8am including the following information:

Learner B has been enrolled in the following courses:

Alpha Course on 11/17/2021. This course expires on 12/17/2021.

Beta Course on 11/18/2021. This course expires on 12/18/2021.

Charlie Course on 11/19/2021. This course expires on 12/19/2021.


You can see that in both cases, the [course_name] shortcode populated with the names of the courses into which the learners enrolled. You would never see the course name of a course that you did not select in Step 14 of the Process section of this post.


I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions about how notifications work. I’ll reiterate how helpful it can be to follow the instructions in the following post to make sure you have visibility into all notifications that send from your platform:


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 Hi, @Adam Ballhaussen  Is there an option to use the [course_link] shortcode within a word/sentence (e.g, click here),  so that the mail will not include a long URL for all courses?

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@oferkenig yes, you simply put the [course_link] as the URL.


Hi Question! Is it possible for users to receive a notification email letting them know they have yet to complete the course that is due on a specific day? I am looking to make compliance trainings due by a certain day and for that user to receive a notification if they are coming up on that due date. Is there any way to do that? Thanks!

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@sydneyberger - I know you can achieve this with learning plans. Look for a [validity end date] as part of the body of the message. That will tell the learner when a course is “due”.

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@Adam Ballhaussen Thanks for the sample setup! Do I understand this correctly that your example would send one email per user?

Would it be possible to send a list of all users and their courses in a single email?

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Hi, can I just confirm something for a ‘Digest: User enrolled in a course’ Notification - if I set up the Notification to run everyday at 12.00 - will the same Notification send to enrolled users everyday at 12.00 or will it only send to newly enrolled users? Thanks!


  1. If creating a Digest to be manually sent, once created and activated, do I have to select the play button icon to send it out?  
  1. I was taught that to list multiple courses you don’t use the between the [items] and [/items] tags, but rather list them using [course_name] and [/course_name].  Is this not correct?
  1. Also, where can we view a history of notifications sent out?  Is that under background jobs?
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We’d like to send a notification to managers listing the employees who are still incomplete on a single assigned course. 

Will the digest learner has yet to complete a course notification work for this?