How to grade software training exercises?

  • 3 August 2021
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I have software training exercises that I want learners to complete. In order to be assessed by someone, the learner will need to post a link to what they created in the software as the answer and the grader would need to click the link to see what the learner created and then provide feedback. I also want to provide an option where a learner can see screenshots of what they should have built in order to be able to self-assess quickly.


How would you set this up in Docebo?

7 replies

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HI @janicebweintraub you can use the Assignment learning object found under Training’s a link to the KB article showing you how to set it up, etc.

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Hi @janicebweintraub, @lrnlab has a great idea but you can only load files (or YouTube/Vimeo video link)with assignments. Would the learner be able to save their work as a file rather than linking to a site? If so you are golden...if not we may have to be more creative. Cheers

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You can upload files too

There’s no file for them to upload. They would have to be able to paste a link for the grader to follow.

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@janicebweintraub  my bad, I mis-read your reply and thought they needed to upload a file...perhaps you could have them paste the link in a doc and upload that, or you could have them record their screen showing the site they visited?


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Could you create a test in Docebo, and use an Extended Text question type to let them enter the URL as the “answer” to the question?

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Yes for sure. Those types of questions need to be evaluated after the test has been submitted by the user and in order to generate the final score.