Howe do I filter out non relevant LPs from my report?

  • 15 March 2022
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Hi All


I created a report to show specific users Learning plans status and I want to see only the ones which are assigned to  specific LPs. but if the same user decides to enroll to a different LP (He can do that because I have not restricted the users to specific LPs) I also get that in the my question is, can it be filtered out? is there a checkbox I am missing? or a workaround that can be implemented? 

7 replies

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Hi @mirmelsh If I understand your question correctly, you want a report for only certain LP’s? Using the “users - Learning Plans” report, you can select only those LP’s you want to report on


Hi @lrnlab 


Well not exactly. I do have custom LPs I defined in the report as you suggested and I am getting the report correctly. I would like to see in the report only the LPs I as a SuperAdmin (from the list I defined in the report) enrolled the user into.

Instead, if the same user self-enrolls into a LP which is also on the list of LP I chose in the report I want it to be discarded from the report.

Now I am getting a report which has same users enrolled into the LP I enrolled them into & also their self enrolled ones which I need to filter out manually in Excel

Hope it’s clearer now

I couldn't find an option to do it in the filtering of the report I was wondering if there is a workaround I can use 


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@mirmelsh  You could try creating a report on only 1 course in the Learning Plan (something really compelling, like an exam or a specific training material), but I suspect that will get you the same result.  What you’re really looking for is an “Enrolled by” report, and that doesn’t exist.

Is there some other characteristic of the USER that might get you what you want? For example, are the self-registrations really ecommerce registrations? Maybe two reports are required so that you can use one to filter out the data that you don’t want.Or you can use some characteristic to put enrollments into a group, and then use the group as a filter.

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Closest we get to something like this is that all of the admin enrollment processes are in batches and around the same time on overnights, individuals enrolling on their own are one offs and at random points of day so can filter for those types of things but won’t be perfect. Not aware of tracking who did the enrollment other than in log history, but that reporting would get interesting for you, you would need to filter by the admin id and the user id to get only those LPs and then maybe take them to a general report and filter for those LPs, but a lot of work.

Thanks guys.

I tried all I can but still as you wrote, manual work will have to be performed one way or another after the report is created to filter out the self enrolled LPs/Courses.

I am trying to find user characteristic that will help me filter but there are none whom I found that can help...if not this than 2 reports are needed 

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@mirmelsh - A thought to help cut down on the noise - Do you know the exact date they were enrolled?

If you do - you may be able to cut down your noise in your report by filtering on the enrollment date by 95% (unless lots of people “pull” learning in the scenario you are describing and then sorting on something that will keep your information relevant to the reviewer.

Thanks @dklinger.

This is the first thing I though of and tried but it did not work since there is no specific date which the SA enrolled all users - it did help a bit in the filtering afterwards but still manual work needed to be done


I actually turned to Docebo Support team and they offered  something interesting:

To add an additional field in the user management like " User enrolled by XXX" Yes or No and then filter by it but that  require the SA to do this for all users - but it will work eventually 

Also they have informed me that there is a new feature about to be released end of March to create a “SA team” group:

This can be very helpful….