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If I change a badge’s point value will it update everyone’s points for those who already have the badge?

  • 15 March 2023
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I’ve been giving people 1 point per course. 

Users say 5 or 10 would be more motivating. I’m cool with that. 

if I change my course completion badge from 1 point to 5 points will it give everyone 4 extra points for their past completions? Or will all past point earners be out of luck - and more importantly, those past point earners would be at a competitive disadvantage. 

make sense?


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Hi @lrodman

Changes to badge points can’t be applied retroactively, so unfortunately all those past point earners would indeed be out of luck. I double-checked this with the help desk and their suggestion is to submit an idea if you’d like to see this functionality in the future.