ILT Course Setup and Provisioning

  • 1 August 2022
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My company leverages Docebo for our internal employee training program. ILT courses represent a sizable portion of that program. For instance, we have a weekly training program where each week is independent of the previous week and is consequentially its own ILT in our portal.

Something we’re struggling with is how to simplify our standard operating procedures (SOPs) for our training event team who's responsible for setting up our ILT courses.

Part of the trouble we’re experiencing with our ILTs is ensuring the individual ILT courses are set up in a consistent manner.

Our initial thought was to create an ILT Template course that our team could duplicate for each ILT course and make a limited number of changes (title, description, dates, etc.). Unfortunately, we found it’s currently only possible to duplicate e-learning courses, not ILT courses. (Yes, we’ve voted on the ILT duplication idea).

Based on a matrix we created in Excel documenting all ILT course settings, there are 94 settings in an ILT course. We’ve determined that 50 of those require some action when setting up a course.

Since Docebo doesn’t currently provide a way for us to duplicate ILT courses, we’re currently working to author detailed, but lengthy, SOP documentation for setting up a course. While a great supportive resource, we would like to simplify our day-to-day ILT process whereby following a lengthy SOP document specifying how to manually set 50 of 94 settings isn’t the only way for our team to create ILTs in a standard way.

In that way, I’m curious what approach others are taking to provision and setup ILT courses in your environment? Have you found some way that’s easier than manually configuring each ILT from the ground up (as we’re having to do currently?

Any insights to how to improve this process are greatly appreciated.

2 replies

No help, I’m afraid, but wanted to thank you for posting this as I’m dealing with the same issue, so good to know we’re not alone. 


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We have a significant number of ILTs setup. What we do is setup a “Golden” session for each ILT. This sets up the basic elements of the session that will always be the same. Completion, training material, attendance tracking and such (bear with with me, I am more of an admin than course developer ;) ). 

Then we trained the instructors how to setup their session. For the first few instances they duplicated the “Golden” session and configured it to their needs. After they got a the feel of it they just duplicated their last session and made adjustments to that.

This has been working as well as can be for now. Hope this helps.